Teaching Details 

Lab. Instructor in Acoustics - 24h (Master Degree in applied acoustics) :
Signal processing : Acquisition, realisation of a spectral estimator, synchronous detection using Matlab.
Measurements of electrodynamic loudspeaker characteristics (Thiele-Small parameters).
Measurements of waveguide impedances (tube and solid bar).
Measurements of the reflexion function for a tube (visualisation and acquisition of the signals, then impulse responses calculated with Matlab).

Tutorial of Mechanics - 40h
(DEUST 2nd degree) :
Kinematics of solids: velocity and acceleration fields.
Mass geometry - kinetics: inertia momentum.
Fondamental principles and theorems of dynamics: Newton's law, contacts and mechanical links, statics of solids.
Energetic methods: potential and kinetic energies, Lagrangian technique.

Tutorial of Electronics, and ElectroAcoustics (DEUST 2nd degree) :
Electronics :

Study of circuits in analogical electronics (general theorems, transmission lines, filters, Bode's representation)
Amplificators (fondamental circuits, limits)

ElectroAcoustics :
Equivalent diagrams : electro-mechanical analogies, electro-acoustics analogies
Microphones (transduction principles, directivity, calibration)
Loudspeakers (principles, Thiele-Small's model)
Loudspeakers acoustic loads, realization of speakers, filtering
Loudspeakers and microphones charateristics measurements methods
Transmission lines, application to acoustic waveguides
Applications : artificial ear, characteristics measurements of a membrane, study of the Helmholtz's resonator, bass-reflex speaker, ...

Lab. Instructor in Physical Acoustics - 80h (DEUST 2nd degree) :
Chladni's plates vibrations (visualisation and study of the normal modes of a circular or square plate, boundary conditions, mechanical or acoustical excitation, vibro-acoustic behaviors)
Ultrasonics (principal sound propagation properties, sound speed and wavelength measurements, interferencies study, reflexion, transmission, absorption, and attenuation coefficients measurements)
Non-destructive prospecting by ultrasonics methods (materials defaults probe by reflected pulses train, notion of impedance mismatch)
Ultrasonics propagation in pulsed regime (sound speed measurements in air, in water and in materials, attenuation coefficient measurement, impedance adaptation)
Illustration of acoustical phenomena using Matlab (visualisation of normal modes in waveguides, sources directivity, acoustical intensity, strings movements)
Architectural acoustics (models, normal modes, reverberation time, influency of the source and the receptor positions, room geometry, absorbing materials)

Lab. Instructor in Electronics, and ElectroAcoustics - 48h (DEUST 2nd degree) :
Electrodynamic loudspeaker at low frequencies, Thiele-Small's model
loudspeaker load at low frequencies (baffled, closed, horns, bass-reflex)
Impedance compensation on a loudspeaker
Passive filtering of a speaker with two channels
Coupling "acoustic source - system to measure", application to the frequency response measurement of an Helmholtz's resonator
Comparison of two different microphones (free field response and presure response)
Amplificator, filtering, loop systems, active control of a loudspeaker
Acoustic velocity measurement in a Kundt tube, application to transmission lines, influency of the microphone response, impedance measurement for different endings

Lab. Instructor in Vibrations - 12h (DEUST 2nd degree) :
Study of the Doppler effect by ultrasonic wave reflexion
Vibroacoustic study of an air fan
Mechanic vibrations of a machine
Study of the vibrations of a beam (part I)
Study of the vibrations of a beam (part II)
Electrodynamic loudpeaker vibrations study

Tutorial of Physical Acoustics - 30h (DEUST 1st degree) :
Linear equations of acoustics, resolution of the propagation equation, reflexion at the output of an open tube, reflexion of a plane wave on a rigid wall, reflexion and transmission between two propagation middles in normal and oblic incidences, spherical and cylindrical waves, acoustic intensity, acoustic propagation in a tube with different endings, impedance calculus, dipolar and monopolar radiation, transmission in a tube with different sections.

Tutorial of "Support" - 28h (DEUST 1st degree) :
Signal processing
Analogical electronics

Tutorial of Vibrations - 8h (DEUST 1st degree) :
Study of the harmonic oscillator with one or two degree of freedom, with or without damping, forced or free. Energy conservation, Lagrange's equation.




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